Case Study On Salmonella

Target Audience

Public health practitioners with knowledge of basic epidemiologic and public health concepts, including epidemiologists, infectious disease investigators, public health nurses, environmental health specialists, sanitarians, laboratorians, and MPH students.

Learning Objectives

After completing this case study, the student should be able to do the following:

  • Describe the epidemiology of infection with Salmonella (e.g., incubation period, modes of transmission, and common vehicles)
  • List the steps that might be used to investigate and address a public health problem
  • Describe the desired characteristics of a surveillance system for a disease, given the objectives of the surveillance system
  • Analyze figures that display public health data
  • Interpret the results of a case-control study
  • Discuss the uses of subtyping information in foodborne disease investigations
  • Assist in the evaluation of a surveillance system
  • Discuss how surveillance data can be used to identify and characterize public health problems and to monitor control measures


Knowledge of basic public health and epidemiologic concepts (including descriptive epidemiology, study design, and data analysis).






3 to 4 hours

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    • Intel® Pentium® III Processor or equivalent
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    • 16 MB of memory
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    • Monitor resolution of 800 x 600 with 16-bit color
    • Display font size set to “Small Fonts”
    • Mouse


Successful completion of basic training in infectious disease epidemiology, descriptive epidemiology, study design, measures of association, and outbreak investigation


English and Spanish




3 to 4 hours

Continuing Education

Continuing education credits are not available for completing this case study.

Developed By

Jeanette K. Stehr-Green, MD, developed this case study in collaboration with staff from the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre; Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with assistance from individuals within the:

  • National Center for Infectious Diseases, Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Branch
  • Public Health Practice Program Office, Division of Professional Development and Evaluation

Original Investigation Team

The following individuals investigated the original outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis in Trinidad and Tobago: Lisa Indar-Harrinauth, Nicholas Daniels, Parimi Prabbakar, Clive Brown, Gail Baccus-Taylor, Edward Commissiong, H. Reid, and James Hospedales.


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