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I have to write a scholarship essay for admission to master course Please help in correcting, error checking or any addition.
The university has mentioned some points on which i have to write.

A clear and relevant essay in English (1,000 - 2,000 words) addressing the following:
1.Your motivation for taking the MSc programme of your choice.
2.Why you wish to pursue this programme abroad and/or in the Netherlands in particular.
3.Why you are interested in TU Delft and what you expect to find here.
4.If there are optional specialisations in the Master's programme of your choice: which specialisation(s) interest you most, and why?
5.Describe your hypothetical thesis project: what kind of project would you prefer if you were free to make a choice? Also briefly explain what you would want to explore in your thesis project. Provide a maximum of three hypothetical thesis topics and elaborate on your particular interests in them.

6.A brief summary (maximum 250 words) of the thesis work or the final assignment to be done for your Bachelor's programme, including information on the credits earned, grade, and full workload.

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Essay starts from here-

Statement of Purpose

"The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it."
- William James

Allow me to introduce myself as an Electrical Engineering graduate from India. The above quotation is very much pertinent to goal of my life, as I aspire to pursue the EWEM- European Wind Energy Master Erasmus Mundus Msc Programme in Electric Power System Track. There are three different specializations in this program but, I have selected Masters in Electric Power Track because it is advance knowledge of my previous degree and I can perform better by doing the course mentioned above. The Master in the EWEM allows engineering graduates to update their knowledge and learn additional areas to those taken in their first degree. The program targets at intelligently satisfying the energy needs of complex modern societies achieving economic and environmental sustainability. The choice of a major for graduate study is an important decision in one's life. This decision in my case is not made in a day or a week, but it is backed by a passion to learn and contribute to the research in new forms of energy generation and distribution- their integration in the existing social and economic structure.

Four years of engineering education at B.K Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology Pilani, has transformed my desire of being an accomplished engineer into a passion to be at the forefront of research and innovation. The breadth of undergraduate syllabi content has exposed me to panoply of courses providing a strong conceptual understanding of the same. All through the course of my studies, I have strived to maintain an approach of expanding independent effort in all my endeavors. Learning in various ways and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile experience.

Why Netherlands?
Netherlands and other countries forming the European Union is I think the biggest advantage that one could have as a student as all of Europe is at one's disposal for research, job opportunities and we all know about the fact that Europe is one of the most favored destinations for research. So instead of limited to one country I can easily explore options in any European country ranging from researching work, presenting papers, exploring internship options or looking for a job in the industrial sector all at the same time I study in Netherland, it will also be greatly supported by the already available mobility scheme offered at EMEM programme. Furthermore, Netherlands is the only nation which supports at highest level in wind energy, with a strong international reputation. It has a long history in using the power of the wind as an integral part of sustained prosperity. It will be a great opportunity for me to study in Netherlands.

Why TU Delft?
I have selected TU Delft as the place for me to continue with my education because I found that the Graduate program in European Wind Energy Master suited my needs perfectly. I found that the researches carried out at TU Delft are outstanding, especially in Wind energy to be very impressive. I feel that to be associated with this group for my masters would stand me in good stead for my future career. I am also impressed by the past projects and the ongoing projects by the EWEM associated partners. These are much superior to those of past & ongoing projects in India. There is one more thing which attracts me towards TU Delft is the Participating universities in EWEM programme. Studying at the partner universities, which are well known for their world class research and education in terms of wind energy, would enrich my overall experience, thus, making me more confident and knowledgeable citizen of the world with a much broader prospective Taking all these factors into account, I am sure that TU Delft is the perfect place for my graduate studies and I am confident that with my knowledge and teamwork which I learnt from my previous institute I will make a positive contribution to ongoing research work at TU Delft. The international work environment that I will be able to experience at TU Delft and other EWEM programme participating universities helps in the making of an adaptive professional which I think will not only enable me to tackle global problems and cultural issues much effectively than others but also make me adapt to any kind of workplace be it industrial or academic research, European or Indian. I'll be exposed to new people, places, ideas, challenges an experience like this will remain with me for life, making me a well- rounded professional.

The other specialization in Master's programme which interests me most is Energy Systems. As we know the world was dependent on energy, is dependent on energy and will be dependent on energy. Energy can be produced from two types of resources Conventional and Non-Conventional sources of energy, mostly energy is developed using conventional sources of energy but as the world economy and population is increasing rapidly so to satisfy the needs of the future and as the conventional energy sources can only last few more years there should be an alternative mode of producing energy and that can only be possible by focusing on non-conventional energy sources. The basic motivation for this specialization came to me from my country India which is a rapidly developing nation and also has a high stand in terms of population so to satisfy the need and deeds of the people another alternative for producing energy has to be taken in too deep consideration. Although the use of wind energy for producing electricity have been started but at a nascent level and to stretch it to an advanced level level an expertise is required which I can get through specialization in energy systems.

Master's Thesis topics that interests me
- Wireless Energy Transfer
Transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electric load without connecting any manmade conductors is called wireless energy transfer. Future needs this kind of technology that can work without any barriers of conductor's for the transmission of electricity; it would be just simple as sending a file from a device to another device over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This thesis interest me because as I live in that sub-continent in which still some of the regions don't have electricity supply and also it is difficult to provide electricity through conductors, so with the help of this wireless transmission they can be provided with electricity. Also Wireless energy transfer can provide us with a portability of electrical equipment's by which we will not be requiring any electric points or sockets in which we have to plug in our device. Cost of transmission of energy in terms of conductors can also be reduced with this technology.

- Clean energy sources on the electricity market
Clean energy or renewable energy sources will be the primary sources of generating energy in future. Although an initialization to renewable energy has been initiated at a small scale by various leading energy ventures. I have been inclined towards this because it deeply emphasizes on method development, planning and operation of electricity markets including stochastic power sources such as wind power, solar power which is an important aspect for transforming the scenario of generating energy and shifting from non-renewable to renewable sources. The world needs clean energy to have a sustainable future.

- Wireless Sensor Networking
Knowledge about a field is a good thing but to have knowledge about a particular field for the life time is not a good thing. I think it is essential to have a basic knowledge of about all the fields in the world as it not only keeps us updated about the new things happening around ourselves, what innovations are going on ongoing world scenario but it also provide and alternative path where we can go and expertise. I have done some research work on Wireless Sensor Networking which is described in the end of the SOP.

Hypothetical thesis project is not an easy part to decide I was having immense thesis in my head but the project's which I would prefer if given to choose from are:

Offshore wind energy plants have always in my keen interest as I am always amazed by the rigid standing of a wind farm in the sea, such a high weighing body stands still in it and the energy generated by wind farm is transferred to the ground station with the help of underwater cables which is an exceptionary thing. India is peninsular subcontinent and still till now there is no offshore wind energy power plant in it. If I was free to do a thesis of my choice, I will do a thesis on Offshore wind energy in India as it will not only provide energy it will also work as an initial step towards the revolution of Offshore wind energy power plants in India.

On the second thought, there is another thesis which I dream of doing i.e., Wind turbine to harvest energy and water from desert air such a wind turbine has recently been developed by a French company Eolewater. This wind turbine not only produces energy it also produces a large amount of water using wind energy as a source. As I hail to Rajasthan, that state of my country who's more than 50 % of the area is desert known as Thar Desert. Where drought hit every year and where water is a luxury here which can't be afforded by every individual and by working over this thesis I can support in helping my motherland.

My final year thesis Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor through Remote gave me an opportunity to work on more complex avenues in combining electrical machinery and electronic components to synchronize with each other. With the help of this project my basic knowledge about electronics got enriched. As a two member team we set our goal to create an optimum circuit that allows total control over your equipment's without having to move around. This circuit is made to work the very concept of Remote control which facilitates the operation of speed control of single phase induction motor or we can say fan regulators around the home or office from a distance. It provides a system that's simple to understand and also easy to operate, a system that will be economical and affordable, a reliable and handy to maintain system of remote control and durable system irrespective of usage. During this time I also got selected for a golden opportunity through my institute for an internship at ECE Paris for two months where I was given a project to make a GPS system for indoor positioning. Wireless Sensor networks involve sensor nodes which are very small in size. They are low in cost, and have a low battery life. One of the critical components in wireless sensor networks is the localizing tracking sensor or mobile node. Contiki OS is used as a platform for communicating with different nodes. I did this project to broaden the range of my knowledge and have succeeded in it.

After considering my aptitude, my past activities and what I want to do, I am convinced that I want to take up a career that deals with the impact of technology on society in wake of innovation and transformational processes. I have come to realize global realities that have altered the concept of energy security, specifically for developing nations, due to growing imbalance between the demand for energy and its supply from indigenous sources. India, one of the fastest-growing economies is poised to be key world acing the consumption of energy consumer in the future. Sustainable growth demands professionals with a vision of efficient energy generation, distribution as well as exploring technologies for its most efficient usage.

To make myself familiar with the background required for engineers to cater to aforementioned role, I did an internship in a leading manufacturer of electrical machinery Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited, Haridwar where I learned how the electrical machinery specially Turbo Generators (250/500 MW) with excitation system which are required to generate energy, generally used in Thermal power plant or Hydro power plant. This internship provided me a great knowledge and I also got know every single bit of the Turbo Generators how they work and how they are made starting from Stator then to rotor and then to the driving part excitation system.

Hence, I am certain a Master's degree in EWEM in Electric power system track will be a stepping stone in reaching that ultimate goal. I am sure that the dedication and sincere effort with which I have always worked, has made me capable of standing up to the challenges of a highly advanced and competitive environment. Given the opportunity, I am determined to make the most of my time during EWEM by working with, learning from as well as contributing to a group of the very best faculty and students. I will have acquired the professional skills required to handle complex engineering projects in industry and solve environmental and energy issues through an integrated approach, for my country and the world combined.

The journey promises to be challenging one; it may no doubt be arduous and demanding, but, the thrill of discovering something new at the frontiers of human knowledge, however small the contribution, is unparalleled. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.

Electrical Engineering Scholarships

Find Money to Study Math, Science and Electronics

If you find yourself most at home in the areas of math and science and you get a kick out of learning how things work, then an electrical engineering degree might be the right educational path for you. Electrical engineering is a broad field that reaches into the communications industry and even aerospace, manufacturing and information technology. Careers that use electrical engineering as a springboard might include those in electrical systems management, commercial telecommunications, digital computers, signal processing, research and development, or entrepreneurship.

A number of funding opportunities are in place to help you realize your goal of a degree in electrical engineering. Professional organizations like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers sponsor programs that will put you one step closer towards building a complete financial aid package to fund your education. Additionally, a number of public and private colleges have special programs designed to make education affordable for the next generation of electrical engineers. You will find many of these opportunities below, where you can choose from scholarships from college engineering programs as well as those sponsored by engineering societies.

Scholarships from College Engineering Programs

Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Department of Engineering Education has several scholarships aimed at electrical engineering students who are freshman, transferring, or already in the department. Further scholarships are available through the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. All scholarships emphasize scholastic achievement as the number one requirement for eligibility, and are awarded once annually.

  • The Dean’s Scholar and Davenport Scholarships are available to freshmen in the College of Engineering. Applications must be received by February 1 and the winners are announced at a special banquet.
  • IDEAS (Increasing Diversity through Engineering Academic Scholarships) is a special program at Virginia Tech that provides scholarship funding to selected freshmen and transfer students who demonstrate significant financial need.
  • Another scholarship available is the Leo A. Padis Scholarship, designed specifically for transfer students to the College of Engineering. This merit-based award is $1000 and the deadline is June 1.
  • The Joseph W. and Rose V. Belak Memorial Scholarship is open to full-time electrical engineering students who display financial need and academic achievement. The recipient must be a Virginia resident and must have completed a general Engineering scholarship form.
  • The Karl Egerer/Kollmorgan Electrical Engineering Scholarship is available to electrical Engineering students who display an inquisitive nature along with a zest for knowledge and excitement. Outstanding and meritorious students who fit into this category are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.
  • Other scholarships available include the William Murray Scholarship and the George R. Powley Memorial Scholarship – both specifically for electrical engineering students.

Washington State University

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington is host to over two dozen scholarships for its students. For example, the Dick Baker Endowed Memorial Scholarship is named after a former alumnus and faculty member of WSU who was famous in the engineering department. Funds from his scholarships are used to provide financial support to students entering the field, with special consideration given to those concentrating in power engineering.

The A.L. and Erma Betts Endowed Scholarship in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is another award opportunity at WSU. Both academic merit and financial need are considered for this award that will go to an outstanding electrical engineering student. See the WSU department website for the full range of scholarships available for its engineering students.

San Jose State University

San Jose State University in California offers several scholarships to its Department of Electrical Engineering students who are undergraduates or graduates. San Jose State divides its scholarships into two categories: those awarded based on merit, and those awarded based on merit plus financial need. In most cases, you must be a United States citizen or permanent resident to qualify. The awards are aimed toward incoming freshman and their monetary awards vary.

There is an online application through which students can apply for all of the scholarships at one time. The electrical engineering scholarships include:

  • The National Semiconductor Scholarship is sponsored by the industry company who manufactures these devices. This award goes to one freshman who displays merit and achievement.
  • The Intel Scholarship is hosted by the major corporation, Intel, and is devoted towards one deserving freshman at the school
  • The Cadence Scholarship is sponsored by Cadence Design Systems and goes to one incoming freshman who plans to study engineering.
  • The Silicon Valley Electrical Engineering Scholarship is provided by Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering and is open to freshmen and transfer students who have at least a 3.0 GPA.

University of Akron

Ohio’s University of Akron awards over 80 scholarships to its engineering students, and over $22 million in general aid to its students. Several of these are specific to electrical engineering students. One main application for all these scholarships can be submitted online. Dollar amounts vary and academic excellence and leadership are important requisite traits:

  • The Richard L. Clark Memorial Fund endowment awards scholarships to students majoring in electrical engineering. Funds can be applied towards tuition, class materials and textbooks. Interested students must submit scholarship requests to the Electrical Engineering Department head.
  • The Craig Davis Memorial Scholarship in Electrical Engineering is geared toward a full-time student in his or her third year of study. A high grade point average is one of the eligibility requirements as is receiving an honors University scholarship. The department head of electrical engineering and the dean of the college of engineering choose the outstanding recipient.

Illinois Institute of Technology

The Armour College of Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology offers its freshmen the merit-based Heald Scholarship for $10,000, while transfer students are eligible for a similar $10,000 Transfer Student Award. International applicants may be qualified for an even larger award package, including both grants and scholarship monies.

The Camras Scholars in the department of engineering get the very best deal as they are offered a full-ride of tuition costs for four years at the college. Engineering majors who have top test scores, outstanding grades, and a well-rounded extracurricular life are eligible to apply for the prestigious Camras Scholars Program.

Professional Engineering Societies and Associations

There are several associations that cater specifically to electrical engineers, while others are more broad and cover a variety of disciplines within the field of engineering. Either way, there are available scholarships for electrical engineering students via these groups.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the premiere organization in support of electrical engineers at all levels and offers access to engineering program information and scholarships through its many branches across the United States. For instance, the Houston branch offers up to five scholarships each year worth $1,000 each to full-time students and incoming freshmen who are studying an electrical engineering discipline.

To be eligible, students must either be a member of an IEEE student branch or a relative of a Houston IEEE member. In addition, criteria are based on academic achievement like cumulative grade point averages as well as ACT or SAT score. An essay is also required which should include extracurricular activities, achievements, career goals and the reason for applying for the scholarship.

Electrical engineering graduate students will be interested in the IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Fellowship which provides a whopping $24,000 stipend to an electrical engineering student in the first year of their Master’s program in the US. Another opportunity offered by the organization is the IEEE Standards Education Program which provides $500 grants to students doing university research especially related to an area of industry standards. See the IEEE website for the complete listing of their offerings to engineering majors.

National Society of Black Engineers

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) has a number of strategic partnerships with corporations that sponsor individual scholarships for African-Americans. These awards are only available to members of the NSBE and range from $500-$10,500. Also available to NSBE members are the annual “Best of” awards that the organization gives away to those who have made a significant impact in some area of engineering. The following are designed for electrical engineering students:

  • ExxonMobil’s sponsored scholarships require a grade point average of 3.5 and an essay. College sophomores or juniors who are members of NSBE are eligible to apply. Approximately ten scholarships worth $2500 each are given every year.
  • Semiconductor Fellowships are promoted by the NSBE, but are also available to a wider audience than just the NSBE. The Semiconductor Research Corporation hosts a graduate fellowship program and a master’s fellowship program that provides funding for those passionate about the semiconductor industry and education within it. A few of the SRC programs support only minorities and women.

More Scholarships for Electrical Engineers

General engineering scholarships are plentiful at most colleges that offer engineer programs, so don’t neglect these valuable possibilities in addition to the more specific ones. A great reference place to start is a mega-database of engineering scholarships like the one that the National Society of Black Engineer’s maintains, the Scholarship Vault. Through a resource like this, you can find opportunities like the GEM Fellowship. This unique award pays for expenses for a year of the recipient’s engineering Master’s training, in addition to providing practical engineering work when out of the classroom and possible career opportunities later down the road.




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